Ministry objectives


meets the needs of the people it serves by:

Teaching –We offer biblically-based teaching that grounds people in the knowledge and understanding of the Word of God.
Preaching –We preach God’s Word to plant powerful seeds in people’s hearts that can renew and transform their lives.
Deliverance – We offer ministry and counseling services that will lead people to deliverance from mental, emotional, and spiritual oppression.
 Healing – We provide ministry opportunities that will heal people of physical, mental, and emotional issues.
Leadership Training – We give people the opportunity to develop their skills as leaders so that they can fully utilize their time and talents in service to God.

Discipleship – We provide discipleship training so that people may learn from others and continue to grow in Christ through one-on-one meetings and group settings. 
Evangelism/Outreach – We provide people with opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to win souls to the Kingdom of God, in addition to providing opportunities for people to touch our community through diverse outreach programs. 
Fellowship – We offer opportunities for fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ so that believers may unite with one another through activities and events that bring rest, relaxation, and restoration.  
Worship – We offer people the opportunity to enter into the presence of God through a worship experience that incorporates the whole person – spiritual, mental, and physical.

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