Pastors & Staff


Senior & Executive Pastor

Ilana LEzema

Ko Staten island assistant Pastor

Caretha Walker

Ko University / Lift Ministry/ Prophetic Ministry

elizabeth goodman

KO Administration 

KO Administration is a ministry designed to assist with business administrative tasks and assignments such as finance, scheduling, inventory and managing internal church communications such as baptism, christenings, etc.  Please email below for a request.

tanya terry

prayer lead

KO is a house of prayer.  Our Prayer Lead oversees our Midnight Prayer and 5:45am prayer assignments.  We keep monthly directives for prayer for our churches as well as our prayer directives heaven has us to interceded for.  If you would like prayer, please email us at the link below.

tavares pointer

KO security

Sarah Sewell

KO worship

Jamilynn Morris

KO University international

Tamika Rankines

KO Partners

rob sewell

lead armourbearer

Khaliah Velez

ko discipleship

tashelle ball

ko groups