KO “LIFT” (Ladies In Fellowship Together) – seeks to provide Women of all ages a platform to  serve and fellowship together through a variety of events, scriptural based discussions and teachings. Our ultimate goal is to creating an environment and atmosphere of no shame, of genuine care and concern for one another, that will not only strengthens the bonds of sisterhood but also promotes and fosters spiritual and personal growth. In Scripture we see how God placed women together in relationships to encourage one another and provide a place of retreat. Just as God sent Mary to Elizabeth and Ruth to Naomi, He continues to place women together for mutual support, accountability and friendship.

KO Marketplace

KO Marketplace
The purpose of the KO Marketplace ministry is to provide career & leadership assistance for the advancement of the kingdom.


Tara Wiley
The purpose of the KO Prayer Ministry is to capture the heart and mind of Our Heavenly Father by seeking Him first according to Matthew 6:33, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” By the working of Holy Spirit in addition to prayer we usher in the glory of GOD that brings healing, deliverance, freedom and restoration to the people. Kingdom Outreach believes in the power of prayer that releases GOD’s desires here in the earth. 
  • Prayer Call on Tuesday at 5:45 AM | Phone Number - (605) 475-5910 PIN number - 1280398#
  • Facebook Live Thursday Prayer 5:45 AM

KO small groups

Scheduled by Leadership
The purpose of the Kingdom Outreach Small Group Ministry is to offer a safe environment for spiritual transformation through fellowship in Christ. KO Small Groups will also allow believers to unite with one another through activities and mini gatherings that brings rest, relaxation, and restoration. All small groups will align with the vision and mission of Kingdom Outreach and promote spiritual growth.
No Cookie Small Group
A small group that provides community for believers who desire to abstain (put off) from sexual gratification until marriage.  
KO Fitness is a fun energetic 1-hour workout session that provides insight on healthy living, physical fitness and nutrition.


Leadership Team
KO Fitness is a fun energetic 1-hour workout session that provides insight on healthy living, physical fitness and nutrition.


Ministry of Music
Worship requires collaborative participation from those who lead worship, as a team, as well as with the corporate body of Christ. Worshipping freely and in obedience, causes heaven to move, therefore we implement this principle by singing a variety of songs as well as the song of the Lord and song of the Bride. Heaven’s demonstration, reigning and ruling is the priority every time the Ecclesia gathers, therefore we don’t limit the move of God in any form. As vessels who worship God, we believe God’s Kingdom is our inheritance and it is a privilege to be given the responsibility to steward and lead the gathering congregation into God’s presence.

KO Reach

DaVonia Williams-Randolph
Ko Krusaders are about our Father's business. We reach out into the community to show the Love of God.
Matthew 25:40. . .in as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it into me.


Executive Pastor Yanique Wiggins
KO Generations/KO Teens
Working to plant seeds of Gods word into the next generation in different ways!
KO Expressions
Expressing God through all forms! Dance, Drama, Spoken Word and more!
KO Creative Outlook (Merchandise Team)
We work together to bring JESUS to the streets with different type of products such as clothing and other merchandise! Representing KO and pushing Jesus!


Apostle Jamilynn Morris

KO GREETERS "First Impression"

Lakisha Pointer
Our Ministry is to serve God's people by offering our time,talents and direction in helping others to find their rightful  place in the service of God. To seat congregants and guest while maintaining the order and Security of Kingdom Outreach Various Services